JM Private Insurance is an agency built for modern business and our heritage speaks to old times when doing business on a handshake meant something. Bill Beckham, who started at Head-Beckham Insurance agency in 1977, and his nephew Otto Foerster, who began his career at HBA Insurance Group in 2006, recently founded JM Private Insurance on the principal that the insurance buying community demands customer service.  Just like our forefathers Phillip Head and William E. Beckham, Jr, we feel bigger doesn’t automatically mean better.  In today’s world of Insurance, JM Private Insurance can be as “Big” as we need to be, however, more importantly, we believe  insurance is about making relationships count.

JM Private Insurance is an insurance agency.  Our company does not bear risk but rather brokers risk through a host of carrier relationships.  These trading partners are the lifeblood of our agency and their interests are second only to the most important interest – our clients.  “In many cases, our competition’s primary focus lies with shareholder value first and then customer relationships”, says Otto Foerster.   Bill Beckham adds, “The good news for our clients – it is very clear they are # 1”.

JM Private Insurance will build and maintain strong business relationships that span the test of time.  We understand loyalty is a two way street and earning the trust of our customer is a daily task, unlike the standard industry norm of just renewing the policy as is – we are problem solvers.

A bright future beckons with new ideas, opportunities, and relationships to be forged.  Our model is simple – do the right thing, right now!  With modern technology, people want service customized to their schedule – not the other way around where a customer has to adapt to a provider’s program.  For those looking for a change – we invite your inquiry.  For those who feel their insurance relationships are well placed – we understand that now may not be the right time!  We seek customers with business and personal insurance needs who want the insurance buying process demystified.  It is important to our clients that they know we are not practicing on them – JM Private Insurance has been there before.

We look forward to doing business together.



Bill Beckham                             Otto Foerster

President                                  Executive Vice President